Contributions au meeting MPEG 112 – Varsovie

Les membres du projet GreenVideo ont contribué au groupe de travail GreenMetadata lors du meeting MPEG 112 (Varsovie, juin 2015) à travers sept contributions :

  • M36381: “Demo of Energy-efficient media selection in DASH”, X. Ducloux, P. Gendron
  • M36394: “Detailed Evaluation of Tunable Image Quality HEVC Decoding”, E. Raffin, M. Lacour, E. Nogues, M. Pelcat, D. Ménard
  • M36398: “Proposed reference bitstreams for Green MPEG Compliance”, N. Derouineau, N. Tizon, D. Nicholson
  • M36400: “Proposed Patch for AVC Reference Software – GreenMPEG SEI parsing”, N. Derouineau, N. Tizon, D. Nicholson
  • M36401: “Evaluation of the Green Metadata”, Y. Benmoussa, N. Tizon, N. Derouineau, E. Senn
  • M36402: “Enhancement of “dequantization and inverse transform” metadata”, Y. Benmoussa, E. Senn, N. Tizon
  • M36671: “Entropic Decoding Analysis for Green MPEG”, C. Bergeron, F. Broekaert